Many parents need support but, due to long distances, it's not possible for them to join our regular groups. For this reason, we have created the long distance parent group.


♥ Information regarding autism: What exactly is the matter with our child? What are its needs?

♥ Encouragement of therapeutic play that leads the child to sociability, reciprocity, contact and communication. It enables us to enjoy our child daily.

♥ Meeting other parents: no one is ever alone. By sharing in each other's problems, we alleviate our own struggles.

♥ Practical solutions to day-to-day problems, priorities: what do we forbid, what do we permit, how can we direct a situation so that the child understands our expectations?

♥ Setting goals for the child as well as the parent.

♥ Exchange of ideas and opinions

♥ Guidance and assistance

♥ How we can feel calm and well, in order to be more effective