Developmental disorders affect the relationship between a child and other people, most importantly its parents. If there is disfunction in that area, intense emotions often rise to the surface. Every parent desires a good, happy and healthy relationship with their child, but what happens if that child is autistic? An autistic child seems to prefer objects. This creates big obstacles in the communication and connection between child and parent. Therefore, it is vital that the parents discover what autism means and in the correct way to teach their child a desired behaviour.

We can achieve a substantial bond with the child. We can enjoy it and help it make progress. Listed below are lessons that pave the way for communication, joy, acceptance and advancement.


♥ Information regarding autism: What exactly is the matter with our child? What are its needs?

♥ Encouragement of therapeutic play that leads the child to sociability, reciprocity, contact and communication. It enables us to enjoy our child daily.

♥ Meeting other parents: no one is ever alone. By sharing in each other's problems, we alleviate our own struggles.

♥ Practical solutions to day-to-day problems, priorities: what do we forbid, what do we permit, how can we direct a situation so that the child understands our expectations?

♥ Setting goals for the child as well as the parent.

♥ Exchange of ideas and opinions

♥ Guidance and assistance

♥ How we can feel calm and well, in order to be more effective

As we aim to achieve internal changes, we often play experiential games!