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Our aim is to offer understanding and support to children with autism, communication and behavioural problems, along with support to their parents.

We play therapeutically with the children; an approach which we call “kalesma” meaning “invitation”, because we know that this is the way to enable the children to obtain the sociability they need in order to understand us better and to be able to communicate more efficiently. We invite the children to make contact with us, to make it very appealing for them to build a mutual relationship with us.

We believe that that the most important things autistic children need is acceptance and love – to feel that they are worthwhile. An optimal environment is created for them to grow and to enable them to demonstrate their true abilities.

We feel very proud when we see that parents approach the occurring problems with their children using the new ways we teach them so that their parental role gets stronger and they learn how to enjoy their children again. With substantive, systematic information and education, the parents gain the necessary skills to assist in obtaining the desired behaviours in their children and to improve their relationship with them.

We want to see happy, capable and efficient parents and joyful children who develop in the desired direction, because that is what is right for everyone!

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