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We offer what you will not find elsewhere. Here you will at last receive what other therapists and paediatricians neglect: the consciousness that there is the possibility for real improvement for the child’s development, but also for the parent’s. This will enhance the family’s life in general.

Your child has autism. (That is a fact, and as for now, that will not change ). But it also means that there can be optimism, because what is lacking is sociability, which is something the child can obtain, at least to a substantial degree. Autistic children often show us miracles that we witness every day!

It also means that you require information and education. You must recognise what is important for the child at this moment and what can wait for later. You will have to start understanding the needs of your child. We believe that half of our work is the work with the parents, because they are the first educators of their child!

We focus on what the children can learn at this moment, while we are confident that many other steps will follow. The children feel they are valued at our center. They are not treated as children with restraints, but as capable children who want to relate to us. Here there is always joy! As we explain to the parents: “We get the best part of your child here!” We have an excellent time with them in our playroom and our first goal is for the children to enjoy us.

In this atmosphere we can achieve the goals we have set for them. Feeling good they will surely want to show us what they can achieve. We approach the children in a playful way so we can celebrate the successes and encourage them to go one step further. Our goals are first and fore most about communication and sociability. These are the most important things in their lives. Everything else will be learned as soon as the children has obtained some reciprocity.

Autistic children are very bright and intuitive. They understand immediately when we are honest with them, or even with ourselves. That is why our interest is to improve our attitude towards them so that it will be useful for their development. We use our attitude as a tool to show the children how to communicate and what is sociability.

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