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Autistic children behave in a different way than other kids. They have their habits and most times they don’t allow rules and limits to be imposed on them. It is challenging to live with an autistic child. It requires a lot of patience and persistence, knowledge, stability and flexibility from the parents, in order to be able to offer harmony, assurance and joy to all family members.

Regular in-home guidance can relieve a lot of parents. They can rely on something; they can discuss and receive apprehension and understanding. Since someone is guiding them step by step, they can become more effective in their everyday life with their child.

Since the visitor observes what is happening at home, he can intervene on the spot. As a result, the parents learn pedagogical and, more importantly, practical ways of handling situations.

How do we reinforce behavior? How do we punish? How can we use a certain action as a reward? How do we reduce behavioral problems? How can we encourage desirable behavior? But also: how do we potty train our child, how do we put him to sleep, how do we take him to the park. A parent’s every need and question can be discussed.

Furthermore, we provide support regarding siblings. Parents are advised on how to help their other children understand and accept the situation at home and learn of ways that help achieve a balanced family environment.

We offer encouragement as regards the communication with family relations. They can be informed about the condition of the child.

Parents need help from other people, that often they are unable to request, for various reasons.