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A Volunteer Program has existed at the Autism Center for over a decade. The volunteers mainly consist of psychology or special education students, but also individuals with no connection to autism participate as well.

Some volunteers take part in the multi-hour programs at the Center. They are, then, obligated to attend the monthly discussions with the parents regarding the child they interact with.

Others visit the families at their respective homes in order to give a break to the parents for awhile. The volunteers are themselves vital to the progress of the child. They play with the child, and do whatever is necessary during the period of time the parents are absent.

In the case of a second child (with or without autism) we send two volunteers so that the parents are truly free. This also deals with the natural jealousy that often arises between siblings!

All volunteers are properly informed about autism and communication with the autistic child. They are taught to play with the children using the method K.A.L.E.S.M.A.

Being a volunteer at the Center is a precious experience!
A remark by one of our volunteers: "When he (the child) looks me in the eyes, I melt!"
A participation certificate is given at the end of the volunteering period.

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